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MAV has partnered with local educational game developers, Playlunch Games, and leading researchers, to develop a game-based platform that targets the antecedents that lead to the occurrence of maths anxiety.

Town Squared puts classroom learning to practical use at home! This fun, friendly maths adventure game for ages 7-11 helps children who may feel anxious about maths, or who need to see how to apply maths to keep them motivated.         

Set in a small but growing community, children help out at different locations by applying their maths knowledge in useful ways to keep the town running. Children tackle each concept at their own pace and at a level they can understand, with the support of characters in the game.

Progress in any maths activity is rewarded with exciting quests your child can play with friends, giving them more reasons to keep trying. As they gain confidence in their skills, the maths activities level up too, keeping motivation high and challenging them to improve.

Town Squared features:

  • A safe online hub that children can play with their friends
  • Maths activities that adjust to your child’s abilities
  • Exciting quests and an ever-growing town to explore
  • Support for children and families in understanding and using maths

Your child’s game actions feed into the online Family Portal, giving you a snapshot of their activity. The Portal shows you which maths topics your child enjoys and explains key concepts in easy-to-understand language.

The Family Portal also provides professional advice for maths-anxious children, and simple things you can do or say at home to help – without needing to be a maths expert yourself! Insights and resources give you the confidence to support your child’s maths learning and talk to teachers about schoolwork.

Town Squared has been developed in collaboration with maths educational experts and leading psychological researchers in the fields of maths anxiety, family maths engagement, financial literacy and growth mindset.  

There is no in-game advertising, micro-transactions or upselling to children in Town Squared.

By mixing a social play space, a fun quest experience, and maths that scales with your child’s ability, Town Squared is a delightful and supportive experience for your whole family.

Join our free pilot

We are excited to announce that Town Squared is now available to download on iPhone and iPad, and the whole platform is currently free!

Download here:

You can use the game on any iPhone or iPad, and the Family Portal on any computer or tablet. (We plan to release Android and PC versions in the near future too!) 

Town Squared screenshots