MAV Life member, Ken Evans. OAM turns 90!

9 September 2020

It's not often that we can celebrate a 90th birthday from one of our distinguished life members. Ken made huge contributions to mathematics education during a period of curriculum change in mathematics syllabuses and teaching in Victoria starting in the 1960s. Always generous with his time and a consistent friend of the MAV, read on to find out more about Ken's contributions.

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MAV awarded funding for the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series!

5 August 2020

The Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series is a key initiative of Victoria s $60.2 million Student Excellence Program and will provide enrichment opportunities across the curriculum to extend high-ability students from prep to year 12 in Victorian government schools, so they are better supported to excel and reach their full potential. MAV is pleased to be running two exciting activities to be delivered across the state between Sept 2020 and Dec 2022, available to students in metropolitan and regional Victorian Government schools. Activities will be free and appropriately tailored to the needs of high-ability students.

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Albanvale Primary School gets ‘Maths Active’!

11 May 2020

Congratulations to Albanvale Primary School who were awarded Maths Active School accreditation in Term 1, 2020. Assistant Principal Michael Uzunovski and Numeracy Learning Specialist and Coach Michelle Burke were delighted with the news, coming mid COVID-19 isolation.

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MAV launches parent support!

4 May 2020

On Monday, 4 May 2020, MAV launched new parent support through its website. Support is aimed at primary school parents, and secondary school parents and students. MAV now provides timely, and succinct support for parents who are working hard to support their children learning mathematics at home. VCE students will also be able to access tip sheets and other resources to support their study in mathematics.

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MAV welcomes three new Life Members!

12 December 2019

At the Annual Conference in December 2019, and at MAV s end of year drinks, the MAV Board and members welcomed three new life members! Congratulations to Dr Ian Lowe, Prof. Colleen Vale and E.Prof. Peter Sullivan for having the honour of Life Membership bestowed upon then.

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