The Mathematical Association of Victoria is the Victorian professional membership body for mathematics educators and schools across the education sector. 

Established in 1906, MAV has grown to be one of the largest specialist mathematics professional associations in Australia. Our membership reaches more than 1,700 members across Victoria annually from all educational sectors.  

MAV reaches educators directly through membership, schools and a range of direct professional services. Everything we do is about supporting better mathematics outcomes for students. We do this by equipping and empowering incredible educators by helping them every day. 

Over recent years, the education sector has had one of its biggest periods of disruption, including the global COVID pandemic. This has had knock-on effects to schools, educators, students and their families. There is continued pressure on schools and broader education funding driven by wider economic and social pressures. While many challenges exist, many opportunities do as well. This ranges from the emergence of new technology and how it changes what and how we can teach to the ways we can reach and support educators from across the sector.  

We are energised by the years and opportunities ahead to better support educators and better help every student achieve more from their mathematics education. 

MAV works with teachers and school leaders to enhance student outcomes in mathematics and numeracy, better preparing students for their personal, professional and civic lives. Our role is to support educators in developing and delivering curriculum and programs that challenge our students to become the future of mathematical creativity and innovation. In doing so we develop educator skills in implementation of evidence-based and cutting edge teaching and learning approaches.

We work directly with students to increase their engagement in mathematics through games days, our Maths Talent Quest, Victorian Coding Challenge, VCE Revision Programs, and other activities. In doing so we increase students' prospects towards STEM careers that support our future economy.

We provide resources to support both educators and parents, run public events, and work with various organisations and government to increase our reach and impact.

We are educational experts and leaders, supporting the future of mathematics education from early childhood to year 12. Through our 100+ events per year we reach over 60,000 educators, students and parents across metropolitan and regional Victoria.

MAV is a highly respected, proactive professional association that fosters the promotion of mathematics education.

Core services of the Mathematical Associaton of Victoria. MAV core services include: communication, publications, professional learning, membership, conferences, resources, and student activities.

MAV's core services include:

  • Membership: Providing benefits and positive support to all mathematics educators including our Maths Active Schools Accreditation.
  • Professional learning: Programs throughout the year in metropolitan areas, regional centres and online.
  • Professional advice: MAV Education Consultants provide information and advice for Victorian teachers.
  • In-school consulting MAV’s approach underpins our consulting, focusing on pedagogy, planning and practice to lead change in teaching and learning in mathematics classrooms.
  • Annual Conference: Held each December in Melbourne for over 1400 mathematics educators from Victoria, Australia and internationally.
  • Melbourne Mathematics Conference: Held anually to support primary and early childhood educators, with The Melbourne Graduate School of Education at The University of Melbourne.
  • Student activities: Including the Maths Talent Quest, VCE Revision Lectures, STEM events and Maths Games Days.
  • Newsletters and journals: Including the termly magazine Common Denominator, and our journals Prime Number (Primary) and Vinculum (Secondary).
  • MAVshop: MAV publishes and sells a wide range of teacher and student resources for F - 12, including VCE Trial Examinations and Solutions, SAC starting points and VCE Revision Program. We also stock a range of professional and practical maths education resources for teachers and parents.
  • Advocacy and representation: MAV works in the best interest of members to speak on their behalf to government, industry and other stakeholders.
  • A meeting place: Our office has spaces available for meetings or training sessions. Download Room Booking Form (PDF).

MAV is an Affiliate of the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT).