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The Maths Talent Quest is a great way to support student’s numeracy development as they engage in mathematical investigations whilst learning online.


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In 2020 we have implemented changes to ensure your students can still be involved in MTQ without requiring contact at judging and the award ceremony.

Watch a video about how MTQ will operate in 2020 here.

Please address any questions to Jen Bowden after reading the information on this website!

There will be two levels of judging:

State-wide judging

  • This will be limited to two entries, per category, per year level per school.
  • All entries must be entered in digital format.
  • Entries will be at a cost of $35 for members, $42.50 for non-members.
  • There will be no judging at La Trobe Bundoora
  • There will not be a State Awards Ceremony in 2020
  • Registrations for this will open on the 1st of June. Register here

School based judging

  •  The majority of judging should be held at a school level, organised by teachers at your school. This will be at NO cost to your school.
  • MAV will provide participating schools with Achievement Certificates (Participation, Credit, Distinction and High Distinction) templates and guidelines to awards students appropriate grades.

MTQ is an annual activity aimed at promoting interest in mathematics and fostering positive attitudes amongst students, teachers and parents. The focus of the MTQ is on the process of mathematical investigations and relating mathematics to everyday life.

Please contact Jen Bowden by email if you have any questions. 

School-based Judging

  • If you are a parent, please communicate with your school around entering MTQ. You are very welcome to utilise all of the online resources to assist with your students learning.
  • Entry is open to individuals, small groups or classes from Foundation – Yr 12 and are categorised into year levels from Foundation to Year 9 with a combined Year 10–12 level.
  • School level prizes are awarded to individual, group and class entries with Credit and Encouragement receivers awarded certificates and Distinction and High Distinction receiving a gift voucher and certificate.

State-wide Judging

  • Two investigations from each category in each year level in each school can be entered for judging at the Mathematical Association of Victoria for State-wide judging.
  • The cost will be $35 per entry for member schools and $42.50 for non-member schools.
  • Registrations for State-wide judging close at 5pm on Friday 14 August 2020. No late registrations will be accepted.
  • Refunds will only be accepted prior to Friday 14 August 2020 (less 50% of entry fee per entry). Please provide your cancellation in writing and include any documentation already sent out. Strictly no refunds will be accepted after this date.
  • All State-wide MTQ entries must be digital and sent to The Mathematical Association of Victoria by Thursday 20 August 2020 before 3pm.
  • Schools will be notified of results and if their entries will be sent to the National Judging by Friday 28 August.
  • Registration can only be completed by schools or home school parents through the MAV MTQ website from the 1st of June.

Please address any questions to Jen Bowden


MTQ Opens

NOW – your students can start working on investigations at any time

School based judging

We suggest your school judging is completed by 7th August, 2020

Registration of State-wide MTQ

Registration opens Monday 1st June and closes Friday 14th August, 2020

Online delivery for State-wide MTQ

Thursday 20th August, 2020

National Judging

Friday 11 September 2020 - to be hosted by MAWA

Award Ceremony

There will NOT be a State Award Ceremony in 2020

All Victorian and Tasmanian students from the early years to Year 12 can enter the Maths Talent Quest, through there school. One entry per category can then be entered for National Contention judging.

This website is updated often with information for teachers and students to assist in your knowledge of the MTQ so please check back here regularly. 


  • Check the MAV website regularly for updates.
  • There will be no cost for students to enter at a school level.
  • All participating students will receive a certificate. Templates will be sent to schools.
  • School may enter two entries per year level and category for the State-wide MTQ.


The National Mathematics Talent Quest accepts one top entry for each category from States and Territories across Australia. For those states that do not have a local competition, schools are welcome to enter their student’s investigations through the Mathematical Association of Victoria’s competition.


All other states and territories (ACT, Tasmania, Western Australia and the Northern Territory) are welcome to enter through the Mathematical Association of Victoria’s Competition.

For enquiries about the National Maths Talent Quest please email Jen Bowden.

MTQ examples

Prep group investigation Year 6 individual investigation Year 8 group investigation
Year 8 group investigation