As part of the MAV's ongoing strategic planning process, Council reviews the MAV committee structure at the beginning of each Council term. This year, the following committees will support the Council of MAV. Membership involvement is encouraged. If you would like to become involved please contact the President, Michael O'Connor.

Each of the committees has dedicated members delivering high-quality services for the Association and without the tireless support of the voluntary workers there would be no Association!

The responsibilities of Committees include:

  • Overseeing the Portfolio area for Council
  • In conjunction with the CEO, developing for Council any policy recommendations in the Portfolio area
  • Providing MAV staff with support and direction for the Portfolio area.
  • Financial planning and advice for the portfolio area.


Meet 6 times per year.

Members: Michael O’Connor, President, Kate Copping, Vice President, Juan Ospina Leon, Chair of Finance Committee, Kathryn Rodriguez

Executive officer: Peter Saffin, CEO

Finance Committee

Convener: Juan Ospina Leon, Chair of the Finance Committee

Members: Vacant (Independent finance expert), Dan Cloney, Michaela Epstein

Executive officer: Peter Saffin, CEO

Professional Learning

Currently meets each term.

Convener: Claire Delaney

Members: Peter Karakoussis, Kylie Slaney, James Mott, Elizabeth Burns, Kerryn Driscoll, Johnson Alagappan

Executive officer: Helen Haralambous


Meet quarterly for an operationally focused meeting.

Executive officer: Ellen Corovic

Editors of Journals: Prime Number: Michael Minas, and Vinculum: Roger Walter

Editor Common Denominator and design, layout and marketing for all publications: Louise Gray of Stitch Marketing.

Additional: Angela Rogers and Jen Bowden 


Meets regularly throughout the year. Supports selection of keynotes, speakers and review of abstracts.

Convener: Ann Downton

Members: Trish Jelbart, Max Stephens, Kate Copping, Thomas Moore, Leicha Bragg, Leigh Thompson, Danijela Draskovic, Peter Saffin

Executive officer: Jacqui Diamond

Life Membership Nominations

Convener: Allason McNamara

Members: David Tout, Max Stephens, Ann Downton

Executive officer: Peter Saffin, CEO


Meets quarterly in support of various initiatives.

Convener: Michaela Epstein

Members: Peter Karakoussis, Michael O’Connor, Christiana David, Rhiannon Lowrey

Executive officer: Peter Saffin, CEO