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About the program?

The BMU program provides content, pedagogy and networking support for secondary maths teachers. The format is 12 online, on-demand modules (each including videos, supporting resources, and access to an online Victorian maths teacher community forum). The program will be housed in a convenient online portal with individual user log-ins. For tailored support, we will also run live Q&A sessions each term. Our program can support all secondary teachers, however, we have four main target groups (as can be seen below under “Target groups”). This program responds to the enormous issue that mathematics education faces with maths teacher shortages and maths teachers who have difficulty accessing need-specific support.  


Why are we creating this program?

The shortage of mathematics teachers in Victoria, particularly in regional areas, is a major challenge. Out-of-field maths teachers are common, often lacking confidence and harbouring mathematical misconceptions themselves, which, if transferred to students, exacerbate problems. Currently, no programs offer support to teachers in these positions. On-demand professional learning offers flexible and accessible opportunities for teachers to enhance their skills, knowledge and support networks. Providing MAV membership to all non-member regional schools will ensure all teachers have access to best opportunities. 

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12 Online on-demand modules (including videos created and filmed by MAV and supporting resources) 

4 live Q&A targeted support sessions 


Target groups 

All secondary teachers with particular focus on: 

  • out-of-field teachers,  

  • beginner teachers,  

  • rural/regional teachers,  

  • teachers returning to the workforce after prolonged absence. 



  1. Rational Numbers (Fractions, Decimal Fractions, Percentages, Ratios and Proportional Reasoning)
  2. Integer Operations (Order of Operations, Negative numbers, Squares and Square Roots, Exponents and Index Laws)
  3. Algebra Foundations
  4. Linear Functions 
  5. Measurement (including Angles and Logarithms)
  6. Quadratics
  7. Trigonometry
  8. Space (including Networks)
  9. Statistics Foundations
  10. Statistics Applied
  11. Probability Foundations
  12. Probability Applied



Government Schools  

Free to all teachers 

Non-Government Schools  

Members of MAV 

INDIVIDUAL (non-DE): $792 for full suite of all 12 modules 

4+ TEACHERS FROM THE SAME SCHOOL (non-DE): $2400 for the full suite of all 12 modules 

Non-members of MAV

INDIVIDUAL (non-DE): $990 for full suite of all 12 modules 

4+ TEACHERS FROM THE SAME SCHOOL (non-DE): $3000 for the full suite of all 12 modules 




To register yourself, your staff, or your entire department, click here to download and fill out a form:




Funded by the Strategic Partnerships Program

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