MAV Board

  • President: Michael O'Connor (AMSI)

    Michael O'Connor, President of the Mathematical Association of VictoriaFrom 1988 until October 2013, Michael taught mathematics and science at a number of secondary colleges in New South Wales and Victoria. Since October Michael has been the Schools Outreach Manager for AMSI. This role involves the support of teachers in teaching mathematics, the development of Mathematics materials for use in schools and the collection and dissemination of information and advice on careers in Mathematics and Mathematics in careers. In the last twelve months, he has worked with more than 200 teachers from kindergarten to senior secondary in 24 schools around the country. This work has included modelling classes, observing and providing feedback, unpacking the curriculum, planning and professional development.

    Michael has a Masters of Education (Studies) from Monash University. He is an experienced author of Mathematics texts, assessment items and dynamic geometry materials.

  • Vice President: Kate Copping (The University of Melbourne)

    Kate Copping, Vice President of the Mathematical Association of VictoriaKate Copping began her career as a primary school teacher, and has taught at all levels from Foundation to Year 6, in schools in Victoria, NSW and USA. While teaching in Victoria, she has been a mathematics leader and leading teacher, and an Innovations and Excellence Cluster leader.Kate has provided mathematics professional development for teachers through the Australian Council for Educational Research, the Department of Education and Training and the Bastow Institute. She has also worked within individual schoolsas a maths consultant and provided professional development training sessions.

    Kate has working in teacher education for the Graduate School of Education at Melbourne University since 2008, as a Teaching Fellow and Clinical Specialist supporting teacher candidates whilst on placement and as a lecturer in primary mathematics. She completed her Masters in School Leadership in 2012, and is currently a PhD candidate.Her research involves leadership and teacher professional learning in mathematics. Kate joined the MAV Council in 2018.

  • Chair of Finance Committee: Juan Ospina Leon (South Oakleigh Secondary College)

    Juan Ospina Leon, Chair of the Finance Committee of the Mathematical Association of VictoriaJuan Ospina LeonJuan brings to MAV his knowledge from his economics degree, and his understanding of the education sector having worked as a teacher of both mathematics and economics. As the 2017 treasurer, he supported the establishment of the new Finance Committee tasked with supporting the organisation through developing financial policies to mitigate financial risks, and support the financial management of the organisation.

    Outside of MAV, Juan is a leading teacher at South Oakleigh Secondary College under the Director of Accountability and School Improvement. A role centred on analysis of data, joining various sources of data, to track student learning over their years at the school, and find how various factors affect student learning to make sure all students are receiving an excellent education.

    As a teacher, he often looks to see how technology can support learning such as using adaptive diagnostics and spaced repetition programs that automate spacing of reviews for efficient building of knowledge. Knowledge that can then support the development of soft skills such as communication and critical thinking.

    Previously, Juan taught Y7-12 mathematics for three years in the area of Whittlesea, north of Melbourne, including all three VCE mathematics of Further, Methods and Specialist. His educational background is a double degree from Monash University in Actuarial Statistics, Japanese, French and Mandarin, then a Masters of Teaching from Deakin University with methods of mathematics, humanities and languages (LOTE).

  • Dan Cloney (ACER)

    Dan Cloney is a member of the Board of the Mathematical Association of Victoria

    Dr Dan Cloney is a Senior Research Fellow in the Education Policy and Practice Program and a Member of the Centre for Global Education Monitoring at the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). Dan's expertise is in early education, cognitive development, and academic achievement.

    Dan’s research program focuses on the potential for high-quality early childhood education and care programs to support all children to flourish. His key focus is on how early childhood education and care programs can reduce development gaps caused by social inequality. Current studies include the Overcoming Disadvantage in Early Childhood study (in partnership with the Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation) evaluating the effectiveness of the Early Language & Literacy program in New South Wales, and the Modelling of Universal Pre-Primary Education Study (in partnership with UNICEF) evaluating the effectiveness of pre-primary programs in Bogor, Indonesia.

    Dan is also an Honorary Research Associate at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) and the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE). His recent publications can be found at

  • Claire Delaney (Lalor Secondary College)

    Claire Delaney is a member of the Board of the Mathematical Association of VictoriaClaire Delaney is currently a Teacher of Mathematics and Science at Lalor Secondary College where she has worked for over 10 years. She has held various roles within the College such as High Potential Program Leader and Numeracy Leader during which she explored and implemented ways to engage and challenge students as well as provide support in areas in which they struggle.

    More recently, Claire has taken on the role of Learning Specialist specializing in Inquiry Based Learning in which she will be responsible for developing and training teachers in the introduction of an inquiry-based program at Year 8. This will include the use of mathematics and other disciplines in the immersion of students in real world, deep thinking, engaging tasks which will cross the barriers of curricula and industry.

    In the past Claire was a panel member for the VCAA VCE Foundation Mathematics review, which led to the role of working as a co-author on the Oxford’s Foundation Mathematics’ Textbook which was published in 2015. Claire has a particular passion for teaching struggling and disengaged students and has taught VCAL Numeracy for a number of years. Claire is also a former council director of the Victoria Applied Learning Association (VALA).

  • Ann Downton (Monash University)

    Ann Downton is a member of the Board of the Mathematical Association of VictoriaAnn DowntonAnn Downton is a Lecturer in undergraduate and post-graduate early childhood and primary mathematics education courses in the Faculty of Education at Monash University. Her research interests centre on how students construct their mathematical knowledge, in particular their development of multiplicative thinking (the focus of her doctoral studies); how teachers challenge students mathematical thinking; mathematics planning for instruction, and assessment practices. Ann was very proud to be a member of the Early Numeracy Research Project team that received the 2011 MERGA Research Award “in recognition of an outstanding contribution to mathematics education research.”

    Ann has extensive experience as a primary school teacher, a part-time mathematics and science specialist and as a mathematics consultant. She continues to work with schools in a professional learning capacity and in the classroom to support teacher’s pedagogical practices and enhance students learning of mathematics and their subsequent self-confidence. Ann has been a member of the Mathematical Association of Victoria for more than 30 years, during which time she has served on Council and as a member of the Annual Conference committee.

  • Michaela Epstein (RMIT)

    Michaela Epstein, Immediate Past President of the Mathematical Association of VictoriaMichaela brings to MAV Council experience from a wide range of education sectors, with this uniquely positioning her to understand the diverse needs and perspectives of those involved in maths education. She is an advocate of the important role that MAV has in maths education, and since 2016 has served on the Council to support the work being done by the organisation across the community.

    Previously, Michaela has taught maths and run professional development at schools throughout Victoria. She has also worked closely with teachers in designing and implementing specialised mathematics programs to support and extend students.

    Right now, Michaela is Senior Learning Solutions Advisor at RMIT, where she is working with the university to support teachers and to design more effective learning experiences for students. In addition, she is currently working to bring the first ever Maths Teacher Circles to Australia.

    Michaela believes that good maths education is vital, with MAV having a critical role to play.

  • Louise Gray (National Partnerships and Marketing Manager, Homes for Homes

    Louise GrayLouise manages marketing and partnerships for social enterprise Homes for Homes. Homes for Homes is a not-for-profit whose aim is to end homelessness by enabling more social and affordable housing to be created. Funds flow from property owners who donate 0.1% on the sale of their property. It's a long term initiative that has the capacity to solve homelessness in Australia. Prior to Homes for Homes, Louise headed up marketing and partnerships for The Big Issue, a powerful brand and an amazing social enterprise geared at creating work opportunities for marginalised and disadvantaged people. 

    Louise worked with the Mathematical Association of Victoria on a marketing consultancy project in 2011 and since then has continued to work alongside the MAV to  lift the brand profile of the organisation and communicate its good work to its member base and the mathematics education community more broadly. Prior to that, she worked in the education sector for two of the country’s top universities – The University of Sydney and Monash University.

    Louise brings strategic marketing, communications and partnerships knowledge to the MAV board and believes that mathematics education plays a vital role in shaping the outcomes of students in Victoria.

  • Peter Karakoussis (Scotch College)

    Peter Karakoussis is a member of the Board of the Mathematical Association of VictoriaPeter Karakoussis is currently a teacher of Mathematics at Scotch College. He began his career there in 2015 after completing a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education at Monash University. Peter has gained experience teaching Years 12, 11, 10 and 7 while also managing his role as a Tutor of the Middle School, Assistant Coach of the Firsts Swimming Team, Assistant Coach of the Firsts Water Polo Team and Coach of Soccer. He is also employed as a VCE Revision Lecturer with Australian Catholic University, developing and presenting notes on the Units 3 and 4 examinations for Further Mathematics as part of the university’s Equity Pathways program; raising student aspiration to higher education for low socioeconomic areas. A Board member of the MAV since 2017, Peter has had the opportunity to convene the Publications committee, be a part of the Membership committee and contribute to the 2018 – 2020 Strategic Plan. Peter’s educational vision is one based on seeing students at the center of their learning and his role is one to inspire, engage and support his students’ passions, leading by example with his own enthusiasm for mathematics education at the secondary school level.

  • Allason McNamara (Trinity Grammar School)

    Allason McNamara is a member of the Board of the Mathematical Association of VictoriaAllason McNamara is the President of AAMT, the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers. She is currently teaching senior mathematics at Trinity Grammar School Kew in Melbourne. Previously she has been Head of Mathematics at Mount Scopus Memorial College and a number of other independent schools. She has a Masters Degree in Mathematical Modelling and Data Analysis, two Graduate Diplomas and a Degree in Agricultural Science from Melbourne University. She has been a co-author of several mathematics textbooks and VCE Specialist Mathematics examinations, and the Chief Assessor for VCE Mathematical Methods for the VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority). She has been on a number of advisory committees for the VCAA and was recently part of the federal government’s Expert Advisory Panel for the Year 1 Literacy and Numeracy testing. She is on the Board of the National Mathematics Summer School (NMSS) and the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT). Allason is a Past President and Treasurer of The Mathematical Association of Victoria and has done many presentations at the MAV conferences including keynote addresses. She is a current member of the MAV council and is actively involved in the Activities Committee, writing the MAV trial exams, lecturing to VCE students and teachers and running state-wide Mathematics Games Day

  • Kathryn Rodriguez (St Mary of the Cross Point Cook)

    Kathryn Rodriguez is a member of the Board of the Mathematical Association of VictoriaI have over fifteen years experience in primary and secondary in Melbourne and International schools.  I have extensive leadership experience including leading STEM, eLearning, Teaching and Learning, Maths and Literacy.  I have also worked for Catholic Education Melbourne as a Resource Writer and I have created online resources for students prep to Year 12.  I have also worked as an Exam Assessor for VCAA.. 

    I am currently a Deputy Principal in a primary school leading curriculum development in all areas with a focus on Maths, STEM and eLearning. I have supported our school to deliver learning online by creating various online platforms for our teachers to create and deliver all classes and intervention programs that include live lessons, recorded content and interactive resources.  I have created and facilitated professional learning programs in the areas of eLearning, STEM and Maths.  I have created extension programs for students that bring mathematical thinking to life through an Electronics Club, Maker Space Club, and a Coding Club.

  • Max Stephens (University of Melbourne)

    Max Stephens is a member of the Board of the Mathematical Association of VictoriaMax Stephens is currently a research fellow at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. He has enjoyed a long connection with the MAV, both as a Councillor, former President, and as one of its Honorary Life Members. His past research interests include developing a construct of Teacher Capacity to support curriculum reform in mathematics, and investigating the cultural conditions that are needed for the successful adaptation of Lesson Study outside Japan. Most recently, he is investigating how a growing international emphasis to include coding and algorithmic thinking in the school curriculum is likely to impact on school mathematics and the consequences for needed teacher development.

    He has continuing interests in mathematics education and curriculum development internationally, especially in Japan and in China, where he has been a visiting professor at several universities. Prior to joining The University of Melbourne, Max occupied several senior roles with the Victorian Department of Education and at the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.


Honorary Life Members of the Mathematical Association of Victoria

Mr Gary Asp
Mrs Robin Borland
Ms Elizabeth Burns
Dr Ken Clements
Mr Bruce Devlin
Mr Patrick Costello
Dr Ken Evans, OAM
Mr Bruce Henry
Assoc Prof Marj Horne
Mr Denis Kennedy
Mr Charles Lovitt
Dr Ian Lowe
Ms Barbara Martin
Mr Robert Money
Mr Simon Pryor
Prof Dianne Siemon
Dr Max Stephens
E. Prof. Peter Sullivan
Prof. Colleen Vale
Mr Douglas Williams