VCE Revision Program

VCE Revision Program
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  • This is a student program and purchasing provides an individual user licence for a single student.
  • The cost does not include the right to use in a classroom for teaching purposes. and is not intended to be purchased by teachers.
  • If you are a teacher wanting to access this program, you can do so via submitting a bulk booking from your school. Please use the form provided to register your students (minimum 20) and receive complimentary teacher registration. 


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Each year the Mathematical Association of Victoria prepares a very successful VCE revision package for students in the three VCE Mathematics studies: 

  • Mathematical Methods
  • Specialist Mathematics
  • General Mathematics.

The Mathematical Association of Victoria developed a self-paced, interactive, online VCE Revision Course for all 3 maths studies.

The program received incredibly positive feedback as it was jam-packed with useful information and advice, and accessible all the way until the end of the VCE exams. 

smiley Never before has so much value been offered in our VCE revision program! smiley

All course videos are delivered by highly qualified, experienced teachers who are current VCAA exam assessors. This means that the information the students receive will be the most relevant and up-to-date, and the tips will be based on where students typically make mistakes in their VCE exams. Furthermore, the courses feature technology videos created by TI and CASIO experts.

What's Included:

VCE Revision Program for students

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VCE Revision Program 2022

  1. Watch many video clips, (several hours of presentation) from VCAA assessors:
  • 3-6 hours of video content!
  • Videos and resources broken into areas of study and sub-topics for easy navigation.
  • Hear where students tend to go wrong.
  • Loads of common exam questions and how to solve them.
  • Insights into a VCAA maths exam and how to smash it!
  1. Videos from TI-Nspire and Casio experts showing you:
  • How to do questions efficiently and effectively using CAS technology.
  • Tips and tricks on how to utilise the CAS to its maximum.
  1. Receive a comprehensive book of revision notes including:
  • Tips for exam success.
  • Tricky past exam questions with solutions.
  1. Assess your understanding with interactive multiple choice quizzes throughout!
  1. Attend exclusive live webinars with VCAA assessors where you get to ask them questions.


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Three subjects (General + Methods + Specialist): Registrations closed

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Group booking discounts of 20% available for 20+ students. 

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Free video snippet from the VCE Revision program – General Exam Preparation Advice


General Mathematics


Specialist Mathematics


Mathematical Methods


A handful of testimonials from past students/teachers:

I found this course very helpful! I love how the presenters go through past exam questions and areas where students went wrong by breaking them down into steps that are easy to grasp.


I would definitely recommend this course. It offers great advice, especially for those who want to get a high score. Really helpful.


The MAV Revision Series provided me with highly thorough and comprehensive notes and walkthroughs, helping me consolidate and revise what I had learnt throughout the year. Would highly recommend!


As somebody who isn't the best at Methods or Maths subjects in general, this revision program was probably the best thing I could've gotten in exam season. It's easy to navigate, it goes through the entire course and has presenters who KNOW what they're talking about and how to explain it in easy-to-understand terms. It also gave me a structure for how to approach Methods each day - instead of waking up and thinking 'Ugh, I have to do something for Methods', I had this program to guide me on the areas I was strong in and the areas of Methods I needed to pay more attention to. An amazing revision resource, and absolutely worth it!


Feedback from a teacher: The MAV VCE revision program has given my students the opportunity to have access to multiple content videos made by VCE assessors. This online format allows the students to work through at their own pace and quiz questions along the way give the students an indication of how well they understood the content. I also as a teacher have loved learning more about how and what the assessors look for when marking the exams.