The move from rote to rational counting

pdfThe move from rote to rational counting


The Teaching of English and Mathematics Primary (TEAMP) is an initiative to support the learning and teaching of mathematics and English and their interconnection in learning. TEAMP is part of the Victorian government's Strategic Partnership Program auspiced by the Victorian Department of Education and Training managed by the Mathematical Association of Victoria. TEAMP is a teacher resource that provides an online dynamic space for teachers to engage in current discourse about innovative pedagogies of mathematics and English. We hope teachers will contribute resources, useful weblinks, exemplars of good practice. TEAMP will provide online and face-to-face professional learning throughout the year.

TEAMP membership is a free service for educators who have an interest in early childhood and primary school education.

For more information about TEAMP go to

TEAMP 431x128

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Renee Hoareau

Renee Hoareau, MAV Community Manager
~supporting member engagement online in conversations, sharing ideas and resources to promote mathematics education

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