Remote learning websites and apps

This page contains links to various websites, resources and apps that have been designed to support parents with home learning in mathematics/numeracy.


Maths Online

FUSE DEpartment of Education

Teaching mathematics in remote / online learning scenarios can be challenging. This page provides the busy teacher with strategies, supports and ideas to ensure that their students are able to continue to access high quality, proficiency rich pedagogy that will ensure numeracy and mathematics development through the period of online learning. 

The resources contained on this page are also able to be used in the regular classroom or for homework activities, ideas or projects.

Teaching at Home: Support

Dr Paul Swan

Dr Paul has a fabulous collection of free downloadable materials. These materials are classified against age and also contain a star system ranking the support required from a parent/older sibling.

Suitable for years F - 10

Mathematics and numeracy at home

Department of Education and Training Victoria

Support for parents who are embarking on home learning. Suggestions of activities at different year levels, videos, and advice.

Maths at Home

Mathematics Task Centre


A great source of investigations that are suitable for home learning.

Have Sum Fun Online


Have Sum Fun Online, an interactive maths quiz for students, will soon be avaiable for students from levels 3 - 10 to do at home.

Check the website at to see when the competitions are available in the three school terms ahead, and to see the types of problems to be included.

The HSFOL school team competitions will run as usual for schools that are open at the given times; but by then an individual competition for students at home, using the same sets of problems, will also be available.

Introduction to Actuarial Science

The Australian National University

The Australian National University (ANU) is running a special version of its popular Introduction to Actuarial Science course for Year 11/12 students in Australia.  The purpose of the course is to provide students considering an actuarial career with an interactive introduction to the profession.  As such, it is a perfect fit for high school students who are strong in maths to find out if an actuarial degree would be good university program choice for them.  The course is FREE for all students.


Independent Schools Victoria

Independent Schools VictoriaThe following courses through isLearn from Independent Schools Victoria is a collection of a large volume of resources curated into easily accessible levels and learning areas with the capacity for you to include feedback on what is working for you or to upload resources of your own to share with educators. It also outlines two other initiatives to support teachers:

  • The Teacher2Teacher register connects those offering wisdom and expertise with those who are seeking coaching/mentoring, resources and strategies or a go-to person for advice
  • 'LearnLine' is direct access to teaching and learning support through a simple phone call. If we can't directly assist at that moment we will connect you with someone who can or follow up with resources/strategies. Just call 9825 7200 and mention 'LearnLine'. Available 8:30 am to 5:00 pm or leave a message after hours.

Early Years teachers network - transition to remote learning

Primary teachers network - transition to remote learning

Secondary teachers network - transition to remote learning


Love Maths

Love MathsLove Maths has a wide range of engaging games that have been selected specifically because they are well suited for remote education.  These games are also easy to play, do not require very much in terms of resources and are filled with rich learning opportunities.  Each game comes with a short video that outlines the rules and also demonstrates some of the key mathematical concepts covered.    


ORIGO Education

Guidance and instruction for continuing maths learning at home.

We have created weekly, digital content plans for home use. The weekly plans contain activities for each day, along with digitally accessible or downloadable resources, designed for delivery by a caregiver or remote teacher. These resources complement the mathematical concepts and skills your students are learning at their year level.

Daily video lessons for Primary aged children

National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics

These short videos are intended to provide primary school pupils with interactive lessons while they are at home. Parents or teachers can choose how regularly they set them, but it is important that, within each batch, they are set in the suggested order. Most lessons are between 15 to 20 minutes long, each ending with suggested follow-up tasks. All lessons exemplify a teaching for mastery approach to maths. For each age group, a new batch of lessons is added here every week.

Secondary Poster Problems

Primary Poster Problems


NRICH  poster problems are a weekly mathematics challenge. Designed for the northern hemispheres summer break, these problems are great remote learning tasks. After students have had a go at the problem, they can compare their approach to the soultions that have been published.

Let’s Count Parent Maths Bot

The Smith Family

Children’s education charity, The Smith Family, has launched a new learning tool on Facebook Messenger to help children with their maths skills.

The Let’s Count Parent bot on Facebook Messenger is an interactive platform that uses everyday activities and objects to suggest ways in which parents and carers can support their children’s maths learning. The program, designed for children aged three to five, includes activities like counting steps, ordering fruit by weight and comparing street signs whilst out and about.

The Let’s Count program was launched in 2009 and has helped over 122,000 children across the country with their maths skills. The Smith Family is now hoping thousands more will be reached through the free, accessible, and easy to use Facebook Messenger tool.


Apps suitable for home learning

MAV Made By Maths app

MAV appThe Explore your world walk on the Made By Maths app can be conducted in any build environment. It draws upon features such as fences, door knobs and grates.

Applie/iOS       Android

Infinite Voyage app

Department of Education and Training Victoria

Infinite Voyage takes place on a spaceship that is searching for suitable places where humankind can relocate. To keep the spaceship running, there are a variety of challenges to complete.

Free!    Apple/iOS     Android

The Dance of Geometry

The dance of geometryThis app contains a number of geometric challenges, for example finding a side length or an area which is part of a composite shape. It is presented as a game, with varying levels of difficulty.


Apple/iOS  Android

Geoboard, by The Maths Learning Centre

GeoboardThis virtual version of the manipulative is an open-ended education tool that is available on hand held and desktop devices

Web application