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Aug 07

Nurturing Numerical Fluency in Young Minds through Playful Exploration

Wednesday 7th August 2024

Calling all early childhood educators! Join Dr. Rachel Pollitt and Sakan Pyseth for our inaugural webinar as we delve into the fascinating realm of young children's mathematical exploration. We'll uncover the intricacies of number recognition, subitising, counting, and cardinality during play, offering invaluable insights and strategies to enhance math learning. Don't miss this enriching discussion tailored just for you!

Oct 30

Charting the Course: Mapping in Early Childhood Education

Wednesday 30th October 2024

Calling all early childhood teachers! Join Dr. Rachel Pollitt in this webinar where we unravel the magic of mapping, showcasing how it empowers children to 'share', 'communicate' 'demonstrate' their understanding of location, position, and spatial direction!

Jul 19

Mathematics Masterclass: Reaching More Students In Less Time with Pam Harris

Friday 19th July 2024

REGISTRATIONS CLOSE FRIDAY 28TH JUNE You're on a mission to teach maths better and reach more students. Join MAV and Pam Harris for small steps that shift the focus from memorising and mimicking to reasoning and mathematising and get big results. Walk away with the best strategies, models, and tasks to make it happen. Maths is Figure-out-able! For teachers of levels F - 10.

Jul 15

2024 Games Days

Monday 15th July 2024

REGISTRATIONS OPEN NOW Want to know more about Games Days? We will be holding a Teachers Games Day in Term 2, 2024! What better way to enhance your students' interdisciplinary skills than with a games day? Maths Games Days are a very effective vehicle for getting young people - particularly in the middle years of schooling - enthused about maths. Problem solving and mathematical games address the Victorian Curriculum proficiency strands.

Valuing mathematics in society

MAV provides a voice, leadership and professional support for mathematics education.


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Mathematics in Careers

Mathematics in Careers

Mathematics investigations for year 10 to 12 students, developed in collaboration with various Industry partners, to showcase how maths is applied in real industry scenarios to solve problems. The investigations demonstrate the types of thinking and skills that industry require, while applying mathematics that is relevant to the curriculum and real world contexts to bring learning to life.

2022 Primary Mathematics Education Conference

2022 Primary Mathematics Education Conference

Access a variety of 2022 Primary conference keynote recordings and presenter resources.

Town Squared

Town squared game

MAV has partnered with local educational game developers, Playlunch Games, and leading researchers, to develop a game-based platform that targets the antecedents that lead to the occurrence of maths anxiety.


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The Common Denominator 1/23

MAV's quarterly Magazine for mathematics educators provides information and articles about the MAV and its activities, and maths education in general.

The Common Denominator


The MAV Annual Report

As COVID impacts continued to affect schools and MAV’s ability to deliver its program and services, MAV continued to be creative in finding the best opportunities to add value for maths educators and members.

The MAV Annual Report


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