Luciano-the-possumMath Treats
by Luciano the Possum

Math Treats are published each term in Vinculum, MAV's Secondary Mathematics journal.
Earlier issues contained MathsBites and MathSnacks.

Volume 56


Term 2

The Traveling Salesman problem

    Term 1 Who was the first mathematician?  
Volume 55 2018 Term 4 Victoria Central: Mandurang in the middle  
    Term 3 Bright - Winter on the Big Fella  
    Term 2 Bright - Autumn in an Alpine Valley  
    Term 1 Hitting the waves at Bells Beach  
Volume 54 2017 Term 4 Data Security and Cryptography  
    Term 3 Music and Geometry  
    Term 2 DNA  
    Term 1 Living in a post-truth world?  
Volume 53 2016 Term 4 Numbers as Shapes  
    Term 3 Games of Chance and Skill  
    Term 2 Mountains and Angles  
    Term 1 Recreational Maths  
Volume 52 2015 Term 4 Mathematics in Architecture  
    Term 3 Population Modelling  
    Term 2 Geometric Playtime  

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