The MAV: Proud sponsor of ‘The Maths Show’

Date: 14 July 2017

MAV is proudly supporting the ‘The Maths Show’ by Felstead Education as a key sponsor. MAV Education Consultants have been writing resources that teachers can use in the classroom to follow up with students after the show. In return, MAV members get a discount on bookings for holding ‘The Maths Show’ in their school.

‘The Maths Show’ is a unique live maths performance with the motto, ‘Prepare to be Amazed’. It aims to astound students with the secret and wonderful power of numbers, engage them in solving centuries old mathematical puzzles, teach them a bit about maths history and more – all within the wonderful world of a theatrical production.

During the show students will see plenty of ‘maths magic’ and meet famous and (not so famous) mathematicians from ancient Babylon and Greece, Pioneers of Algebra, Famous Women of Maths, and Champions of Chance and Data, to name but a few.

Brad Felstead, Director, said “At its heart, ‘The Maths Show’ encourages students to see maths from a different angle. We aim to pack as many ‘wow’ moment as we can into a single lesson period, surround them with lots of maths history and deliver them in a highly entertaining way. We hope it will be one of the funniest and most engaging things that students do in maths all year.”

Peter Saffin, CEO of MAV is excited about the opportunity to support such a great initiative. “Anything that gets kids engaged in mathematics and allows them to see the importance of mathematics to their future, or even just to enjoy the beauty of mathematics in its own right, is worth supporting. We look forward to many students enjoying this great show.”

Click here to find out more about ‘The Maths Show’.

The Maths Show

Peter Batchelor

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