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MAV22 - Valuing Mathematics in a Changing World

1st - 2nd Dec 2022
8:00AM - 3:45PM
La Trobe University
Plenty Rd and Kingsbury Dr BUNDOORA VIC 3083
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Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd December 2022
8:00am - 4.00pm

In-person and Virtual Conference

The theme for MAV22 Annual Conference is ‘Valuing Mathematics in a Changing World’ and will focus on valuing mathematics across our education system and society.

Mathematics plays a crucial role in our personal, professional and civic lives. Mathematics is the foundation for responding to and managing societal issues, such as pandemics, environmental and social problems. At work, mathematics is used every day to communicate, plan, visualise, monitor, evaluate systems and processes, interrogate data and information, and predict outcomes in an increasingly information rich and technologically advanced society. At a personal level, mathematics is used in context and underpins our ability to make informed decisions about personal finance or health, and recreation where numeracy is required for daily life. Algorithmic thinking, often out of sight and out of mind from our day-to-day activities, underpins the new technology we see advancing around us.

As educators we want our students, parents and carers, and community to value and connect with mathematics in our fast-paced and changing world. We need to actively engage students and equip them to be problem solvers, and critical and creative users of mathematics now and in the future. This requires educators who are adaptable, innovative and flexible in their pedagogical practices.


  • Improving individual and societal outcomes – valuing mathematics and numeracy in society and everyday life, and their many contributions to improving individual and societal outcomes
  • Achieving greater equity – valuing mathematics education as means for achieving greater equity in people’s lives, regardless of culture, background, and other factors
  • Technology to enhance investigation – valuing and exploring how technology enhances mathematical investigation and discovery
  • Exploring effective pedagogies – exploring effective pedagogies that engage and equip students to be problem solvers, and critical and creative users of mathematics
  • Valuing evidence – valuing evidence-based teaching and learning resources, assessment and professional development

About the event:

MAV is evaluating the COVID-19 situation and will follow the advice of relevant Government agencies and health departments.

MAV22 Conference will be an in-person and virtual conference with five keynote presentations on each day followed by sessions. 

  • Participants can register to attend in-person, virtually or both (for two day registrations). 
  • All registrations will include access to all recorded presentations until the end of November 2023
  • All keynote presentations will be available to in-person and online registrants
  • Rooms 1 to 10 are broadcast rooms available to both in-person and online registrants
  • Rooms 11 to 20 are available to in-person registrants
  • Sessions will be limited to 30 in-person registrants per session
  • There is no session limit for online registrants 
  • In-person registrants will receive a link after receipt of payment to select sessions

MAV22 synopsis available here


One Day Member Cost: $299.00
One Day Non Member Cost: $358.00
One Day Pre-service Teacher/Student Member Cost: $164.00 

Two Day Member Cost: $578.00
Two Day Non Member Cost: $695.00
Two Day Pre-service Teacher/Student Member Cost: $318.00 

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