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Mathematics symposium: Equity and Excellence in Mathematics Education -Southern Cross Grammar

29th Nov 2023
9:00AM - 2:45PM
Southern Cross Grammar
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A collaboration between Numeracy Teachers Academy, Maths Teacher Circles and Mathematical Association of Victoria proudly hosted by Southern Cross Grammar 

Wednesday 28th November  
Southern Cross Grammar  

Association Invitation Only Cost $40  (Please use promotion code)
General Cost $350  


Opening Keynote:

  • How I Blend Building Thinking Classroom And The 5 Practices - Robert Kaplinsky  
    Facilitating rigorous math problems with students can be a challenging balance between chaos and apathy. So, I’ll share how I’ve blended my favorite parts of Building Thinking Classrooms and the 5 Practices to create a process that leads to engaged students making powerful insights. For the best presentation experience, participants should bring a fully charged internet connected phone with headphones that connect to the phone. Make sure you have downloaded the YouTube app and can scan QR codes.

Rotating workshops:

  • Refining Questions, Skills To Formatively Assess Students - Robert Kaplinsky

    It’s common for us to believe that a student understands a concept when we give them a problem and they reply with the correct answer. Unfortunately, sometimes we later find out that the student did not actually understand what they were doing and instead got the correct answer through a series of fortunate accidents. This is not ideal, so we’ll practice asking questions we can use with students to formatively assess their understanding in real time and get useful information about what they know while we still have a chance to do something about it.
  • Simple Tools for Deeper Thinking  How might simple tools unlock deeper and more insightful mathematical thinking? - Michaela Epstein
    From early learners to research mathematicians, maths can be highly rewarding - yet extraordinarily tough. Instead of embracing challenge, too often, this is something that turns learners off.  But, what if we could change that? In this workshop, together we'll examine effective strategies for making mathematical problem solving less daunting and far more accessible for learners of all ages. You'll explore carefully-designed tools that your students can use with confidence and success to step into new and challenging territory. 
  • 5 simple, research-based changes to ‘supercharge’ your teaching - Dr Angela Rogers
    Currently debate is raging in the Maths Education world about the ‘best’ way to teach Mathematics. For me, the answer lies in helping teachers to unpack and apply robust research findings within their own classroom context. Through increasing our understanding of the ‘why’ behind teaching maths, we are then able to make more intentional instructional decisions. In this session I will explore 5 simple, research-based ideas that can improve our teaching of Numeracy. The 5 ideas include: quality assessment, explicit instruction, exploring vocabulary, retrieval practice and targeted teaching. The research behind each will be unpacked, and simple, practical classroom-ready ideas will be presented to ensure we are providing the best conditions for our students to learn.  
  • Problem Solving - more than a Proficiency Strand - Paul Staniscia 
    Mathematical Proficiency is something that is developed through five interdependent and interwoven strands - Conceptual Understanding, Procedural Fluency, Strategic Competence (Problem Solving), Adaptive Reasoning and Productive Disposition. It is therefore evident that learning Mathematics is much more than Content Strands, it is about becoming mathematically proficient, making sense of mathematics, and figuring out and solving problems by working hard on them. This workshop will explore an instructional model to problem solving that can be used when engaging in challenging tasks. Through this model participants will explore how they can support their students to understand problems, select appropriate strategies, take action in finding a solution, look back at the reasonableness of these solutions and explain, justify and share their thinking all while building a positive classroom culture.  

Registrations close 23/11/23

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