MAV welcomes two new life members!

Thursday 26 May 2022

MAV's newest life members: Ann Downton (left) and Allason McNamara (Right)Congratulations to Ann Downton and Allason McNamara who were welcomed as new life members of the MAV at the AGM on 24th May 2022.

Life members are nominated based on three key criteria including their long-term involvement and support of the activities of the MAV, significant and long-term contribution to mathematics education in Victoria, and a significant and long-term contribution to valuing mathematics in Victorian society.

Ann Downton has been an active and passionate mathematics educator and academic. Ann started her career as a teacher of primary mathematics, has worked in the Catholic Education Office and as a mathematics consultant. Ann undertook her PhD and started her career as an academic, publishing and presenting widely on her work with others in the field. Ann is well recognised for her contribution, and has been an active contributor to MAV’s activities, especially in relation to the annual conference where her leadership and commitment have been demonstrated over many years. Ann has also been along serving MAV Board member. Ann has also had long term involvement with MERGA contributing to the wider education community. Her work has been translated into practical resources that support the delivery of education for teachers, mainly across primary and early childhood sectors. Ann’s outstanding leadership has been evident in her work at all levels.

Allason McNamara has made significant contributions to mathematics education in Victoria throughout her career. Specifically, she has been involved in examinations, MAV activities for students and teachers, and a Council/Board member of both MAV and AAMT. Allason has given back continually and generously over many years, and has always had an open and encouraging approach to working with others. She has been highly professional, always acting in the best interests of educators and those she supports. MAV staff who work with Allason talk fondly of her approach, and professionalism. The Board respect her experience and long-term commitment to improving mathematics education for all students, and her further commitment to equity and social justice. This is shown through her involvement in AAMT also. Allason’s focus is strongly focused as a mathematics educator herself, supporting others to improve their practice and the outcomes for students.

The MAV Board and staff congratulate Ann and Allason for their life membership, and look forward to their ongoing support of mathematics education in Victoria.

Life members of the MAV: Back: Simon Pryor, Elizabeth Burns, Di Siemon, Max Stephens. Front: Ann Downton, Allason McNamara

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