Meet the MAV Board for 2019 to 2020

Wednesday 5 June 2019.

The MAV AGM was held on Tuesday 21st May 2019, at The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) in Camberwell. The meeting began with a Special Resolution to adopt a new Constitution for the Association. In leading up to the adoption of the Constitution a thorough process had been ongoing for the previous 12 months. MAV engaged Mills Oakley Lawyers who are experienced in developing constitutions for the not for profit sector, to guide the Board and to ensure that the new constitution is legally sound, and will cater for the needs of MAV and its members into the future. You can read the Constitution here.

Under the new Constitution the MAV's Objects were refined and simplified to ensure that the focus of the association was clear and concise. The Object now read as follows:

The Objects of the Company are to assist and advance education in mathematics, and to promote the importance and value of mathematics in society. The Company will pursue these Objects through a range of activities and services including, but not limited to, a focus on:

  1. supporting the development of a professional community of teachers, educators, and mathematicians, for the purpose of advancing mathematical education;
  2. promoting the importance and value of mathematics and the mathematical sciences in the wider community;
  3. providing professional learning for mathematics educators through events, conferences and publications;
  4. developing and promoting resources to facilitate the improvement of, and best practice in, teaching and learning of mathematics;
  5. establishing connections with and between educational institutions, students, parents and carers, cultural institutions, government and government bodies, industry and the wider community for the advancement of mathematics and the mathematical sciences, mathematical education, and educational research and investigation;
  6. undertaking advocacy and representation, to uphold the profession to society and key stakeholders, and to support the improvement of the profession of mathematics education and mathematics teaching;

In line with MAV being a Company Limited by Guarantee, the previously named Council is now called the Board, and Councillors called Directors. Under the new Constitution an election was required to appoint the Elected Directors for the coming year. 11 Directors were elected by members via a ballot. Michaela Epstein continues as Immediate Past President. At the first meeting of the Board on June 4th 2019, the Board selected from within the Board members the office bearers. The Board are very excited about leading the Association through the coming year. The MAV Board now consists of the following Directors:

  • President, Michael O'Connor (AMSI)
  • Vice President, Kate Copping (The University of Melbourne)
  • Chair of Finance Committee, Juan Ospina Leon (South Oakleigh Secondary College)
  • Immediate Past President, Michaela Epstein (Maths Pathway)
  • Daniel Cloney (ACER)
  • Claire Delaney (Lalor Secondary College)
  • Ann Downton (Monash University)
  • Trish Jelbart
  • Peter Karakoussis (Scotch College)
  • Allason McNamara (Trinity Grammar School)
  • Kylie Slaney (Carey Baptist Grammar School)
  • Max Stephens (The University of Melbourne)

Read biographies of the Board here.

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