Student Games Days

Registrations for the  2021 Games Days are now open. We looking forward to you joining us again in 2021!  REGISTER HERE Check your email or phone us 03 9380 2399 for your MAV member discount code.

What better way to enhance your students’ interdisciplinary skills than with a games day?

A Maths Games Day is an opportunity for students to:

  • develop their mathematical talents and thinking skills in a setting where maths is regarded as fun and worthwhile
  • work with like-minded students from a diverse range of schools
  • participate in mathematical activities without the usual class room pressures
  • win prizes and rewards
  • get excited about maths!

Maths Games Days are a very effective vehicle for getting young people – particularly in the middle years of schooling – enthused about maths. Problem solving and mathematical games address the Victorian Curriculum proficiency strands.

Teams of 4 students (maximum 2 teams per school) compete for a variety of prizes including individual prizes for creativity, contribution to group work, and lucky door prizes. The participants are drawn from those who have a keen interest in mathematics and who can operate as a team. Lateral thinking wins the day.

Teachers also have an opportunity to meet colleagues from other schools, attend a professional learning activity and to inspect displays of teaching resources.

Maths Games Days are organised and run by host schools and supported by the MAV.

Venues and dates for the 2021 Mathematics Games Days are below.

Cost per team:

MAV Members $50 (discount coupons has been emailed to all members)

Non Members $62.50

Year level Date Venue
Year 3 Friday 20 August  Virtual - complete
Year 4 Friday 20 August  Virtual - complete
Year 5 Tuesday 27 July Virtual - complete
Year 5 Tuesday 27 July Virtual - complete 
Year 5/6 Friday 10 September  Virtual - closed
Year 6 Friday 10 September  Virtual  - closed
Year 6 Friday 10 September  Virtual - closed
Year 7 Monday 16 August Virtual - complete
Year 8 Wednesday 25 August  VIrtual - complete
Year 9 Thursday 12 August

Virtual complete

Year 10 Wednesday 1 September  Virtual - complete


MAV is interested in promoting a state and a nation-wide competition and would like to hear from schools, particularly in country regions, who are considering running a games day either within their own school or for the region. Please contact Jennifer Bowden.