MAV launches parent support!

Parent Resources - SecondaryMonday 4 May 2020

On Monday, 4 May 2020, MAV launched new parent support through its website. Support is aimed at primary school parents, and secondary school parents and students. MAV now provides timely, and succinct support for parents who are working hard to support their children learning mathematics at home. VCE students will also be able to access tip sheets and other resources to support their study in mathematics. MAV understands that many parents find mathematics a challenge, and are concerned about how to support their own children. The support pages provide tip sheets for parents to help them become more comfortable supporting mathematics at home.

MAV has developed ‘Top Five Tips for Parents’ sheets providing succinct advice. These will be a useful resource for schools to add to their newsletters, and there are also extended articles about how to support students. For VCE parents and students MAV has also developed VCE tip sheets and information about MAV's VCE revision program, among other support.

Resources and information is designed to make it easy for parents and students to access the support they need at the various stages of schooling.

Maths is all around youMAV also has a range of resources available in its online store for parents, new catalogues for these products are available on the support pages. MAV believes it is important for parents to have resources at home, that help them understand how to better support their children. Resources such as games and puzzles are a great way to engage in mathematics at home without parents feeling the maths anxiety that can often arise when faced with supporting children, especially in higher year levels when mathematics becomes more complex.

This is an important initiative for MAV, expanding its reach beyond the educator community directly to parents and students. Over time MAV plans to expand and refine support to meet the needs of parents.

To find out more please visit the support pages at