Albanvale Primary School gets ‘Maths Active’!

Monday 11 May 2020

Congratulations to Albanvale Primary School who were awarded Maths Active School accreditation in Term 1, 2020. Assistant Principal Michael Uzunovski and Numeracy Learning Specialist and Coach Michelle Burke were delighted with the news, coming mid COVID-19 isolation. The pair collaborated to submit APS’s application, responding to MAV’s seven criteria.

To be accredited, schools need to demonstrate excellence in the following areas:

  • Actively supports the mathematics professional learning needs of staff,
  • Has appropriately structured the mathematics program to maximise learning and teaching,
  • Promotes effective learning and teaching practices in mathematics,
  • Uses assessment to inform teacher practice to enhance student learning outcomes,
  • Participates in student mathematics activities,
  • Actively demonstrates a commitment to valuing mathematics in our society by incorporating parents and the community, and
  • Promotes the effective use of technology in the learning of mathematics.

Albanvale Primary School’s application highlights the systematic professional learning and teaching structures the leadership team have in developed, aimed at support teachers to enhance students learning.

‘Albanvale Primary School has intentionally adopted a structured, focused and disciplined approach to implementing and refining Professional Learning Teams (PLT’s) to bring about effective collaboration amongst teachers, which has led to tailored teaching and learning strategies and approaches for individual teachers, including graduate and new to the school teachers. PLT’s are guided by the Timperley Action Research Model. PLT meetings follow a prescribed process of reflection, analysis and planning guided by five key questions to assess and build teachers’ capacity to provide rich learning experiences for all students.’

Welcome to Maths Active Schools APS!

Further information regarding Maths Active School accreditation can be found here: