Playlunch Games – Maths Anxiety

Playlunch Games - Help us change the conversation about maths.

MAV has partnered with leading researchers and local educational game developers, Playlunch Games, to develop a game-based platform that targets the antecedents that might lead to the occurrence of maths anxiety.

Capable students are avoiding situations involving any kind of maths, extending to not choosing careers that involve the application of maths.

At the same time, maths and STEM subjects are a major priority for ‘jobs of the future’ around the world.

Children are losing the ability to examine a real-world problem, translate it into numbers, solve the problem and interpret the solution. Australian mathematical achievement scores have declined year on year since 2003. 2018 OECD PISA scores show nearly 60% of students are not achieving the national proficient standard.

In response to this global issue, we are focusing on environmental factors outside the classroom, shown to be a key contributor to developing maths anxiety.

These are, the influence of families and peer-groups: a parent’s attitude towards their own ability in maths and how it can influence their children, and how children and their peer-groups respond to positive, collaborative engagement with maths outside of the classroom setting.

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