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Sep 02

VCE 2023 Study Design - Virtual Conference

Friday 2nd September 2022

This full day VCE conference focusing on the 2023 Study Design offers workshops in all four studies - Foundation, General, Methods and Specialist Mathematics. The conference includes an overview of the 2023 Study Design and multiple workshops options. Sessions range from sample exam type questions from new content, Mathematical Investigations (SACs) and some sessions focusing in depth on coverage of new content.

Aug 30

Wolfram Tech for Every Victorian Secondary Student Part 2- Wolfram Research: Interactive Notebook Follow Up Session

Tuesday 30th August 2022

A follow up session on Wolfram Research - Interactive Notebook. This webinar follows the previous session and basic introduction to the Wolfram Language and tools available. The session aims to provide an open space for question and answering on the workflow and use of the Wolfram Notebook and work first hand with attendees on ways to improve and refine skills within the tools but allow deeper exploration and goal setting for future use with students.

Oct 14

Primary Mathematics Showcase: Highlighting Best Practice and Pedagogies

Friday 14th October 2022

The MAV primary consultants and special guest presenters collaborate to present a virtual conference focusing on primary school mathematics education. This will be a 'showcase' focused on practical, effective and engaging pedagogies that you can use in your classroom immediately. Join us for this hands-on virtual learning event for teachers of F to Year 6.

Sep 06

2022 New Frontiers of Learning: Human Centred Maths

Tuesday 6th September 2022

A joint professional learning event for mathematics educators from Foundation to Year 10. Explore the new frontiers of learning with like minds looking to change and improve practice, as we focus on linking student wellbeing and SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) to engagement in mathematics to improve student outcomes. Open to teachers from all school sectors!

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Mathematics in Careers

Mathematics in Careers

Mathematics investigations for year 10 to 12 students, developed in collaboration with various Industry partners, to showcase how maths is applied in real industry scenarios to solve problems. The investigations demonstrate the types of thinking and skills that industry require, while applying mathematics that is relevant to the curriculum and real world contexts to bring learning to life.

2022 Primary Mathematics Education Conference

2022 Primary Mathematics Education Conference

Access a variety of 2022 Primary conference keynote recordings and presenter resources.

Town Squared

Town squared game

MAV has partnered with local educational game developers, Playlunch Games, and leading researchers, to develop a game-based platform that targets the antecedents that lead to the occurrence of maths anxiety.


The Common Denominator 2/22

MAV's quarterly Magazine for mathematics educators provides information and articles about the MAV and its activities, and maths education in general.

The Common Denominator


The MAV Guide

MAV provides a voice, leadership and professional support for mathematical education.

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