2021 Primary and Early Childhood Conference

The University of MelbourneThis event for will be virtual in 2021. We look forward to having you join us as we provide access to a greater number of eductors accross all of Victoria.

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The Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) in collaboration with the Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s Mathematics, Science and Techology Education Group (MSTEG) present a conference focusing on primary school and early childhood mathematics education.

Meaningful Maths: Making mathematics education engaging for all.



CORWIN           Essential Education


Building leadership capability in mathematics education

DATE: Thursday 10th June 2021

For current and emerging mathematics leaders, and system leaders in primary schools and early childhood settings, including Principals, Deputy Principals, Numeracy Leaders, Academics, DET, VCAA and others.

Themes include:

  • Explore how to use evidence based approaches to implement change and improve practice
  • Improving assessment, looking beyond content (proficiencies, capabilities and student’s engagement)
  • Integration of technologies across the mathematics curriculum
  • Explore how professional collaboration and feedback can strengthen mathematical outcomes, collaboration and feedback can strengthen mathematical outcomes, PLC
  • Strenthening engagement between your school and community.



Building capability for all mathematics educators

DATE: Friday 11th June 2021

Designed for primary teachers and early childhood educators regardless of experience level. Sessions will build confidence and develop professional ability as a mathematics educator in a supportive, hands-on and engaging series of workshops.

Themes include:

  • Developing inquiry and problem-solving based approaches
  • Explore the integration of digital technologies within mathematics education
  • Link content knowledge with pedagogy to deepen pedagogical content knowledge
  • Explore how to use evidence-based approaches to improve your practice
  • Engaging your school community in mathematics
  • Exploring innovative stratgeies in differentiation.


  • A virtual event in collaboration with the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne
  • Hand-picked program of high-quality presenters
  • Learn from leaders with practical and educational research experience
  • Access sessions to watch after the event, until 31 Dec 2021.

For more information contact Jacqui Diamond: jdiamond@mav.vic.edu.au