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Dec 02

MAV21 - The Capabilities in Mathematics Teaching & Learning

Thursday 2nd December 2021

Join fellow educators at MAV21 Conference. 'The capabilities in mathematics teaching & learning', sets the stage to share new, forward-thinking concepts, and leading best practices amongst mathematic educators.

Jul 31

2021 VCE Revision Program

Saturday 31st July 2021

Back by popular demand! MAV's comprehensive, self-paced, interactive, online VCE Revision Course for all 3 maths studies! VIDEOS, LIVE WEBINARS, NOTES BOOKLETS, EXAM STYLE QUESTIONS, QUIZZES, EXAM ADVICE. The course will be jam packed with useful information and advice, and will be made available from July 2021 until the day of the last VCE exam. Never before has so much value been offered in our VCE revision program!

Aug 02

Learnership - The Skill of Learning

Monday 2nd August 2021

The MAV is proud to be partnering with leading educator James Anderson to bring you this unique learning opportunity focusing on 'Learnership' - the skill of learning, with links and practical application directly to the primary mathematics classroom. (For teachers of F to year 6) This is a series of professional learning modules with 6 online learning modules to completed, each followed by a live webinars. You are a skillful teacher. But are your students' skillful learners in mathematics?

Sep 02

Intervention Part 2: Prevention is Better Than Cure

Thursday 2nd September 2021

In this session Narelle Rice and Dr Paul Swan will delve deeper into Wave 2 (Teir 2) and Wave 3 (Teir 3) interventions. Narelle and Paul will focus on the common issues that regularly arise and trace some of them back to their source. Experience has shown that even children 'diagnosed' with a specific learning difficulty do not always fit a 'standard' pattern. Target audience: Primary Teachers Presenter: Narelle Rice

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Primary Resources

Explore the extensive range of resources suitable for use in F-6 classes. You will find a range of useful and relevant links, resources and activities that can be used to engage, extend and enhance student learning.

Algorithmic Thinking lessons

Algorithmic Thinking lessons

MAV has produced 10 lessons for algorithmic thinking in the primary mathematics classroom. These are to support teachers in getting started with implementing this requirement in the Victorian Curriculum.


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MAV's quarterly Magazine for mathematics educators provides information and articles about the MAV and its activities, and maths education in general.

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