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Understanding Year 11 Maths - Mathematical Methods Units 1 & 2

This book has been divided into nine major topics which forms the complete the UNITS 1 & 2 MATHEMATICAL METHODS COURSE for students in Year 11 according to the VCE Course of Study. Students, teachers and coaches and tutors can be confident that this book thoroughly summarises the work in the current Study Design.

Understanding Year 11 Mathematical Methods Units 1 & 2 presents clear definitions, formulae and ideas for each topic which is then supported by comprehensive examples and qualified by fully worked solutions. A full set of Review Exercises linked to the text then provides students with the opportunity to consolidate the skills covered in the text.

Chapter 1. Number Skills
Chapter 2. Basic Algebra
Chapter 3. Equation
Chapter 4. Coordinate Geometry And Linear Graphing
Chapter 5. Quadratic Algebra And Graphing
Chapter 6. Polynomials
Chapter 7. Functions And Relations
Chapter 8. The Calculus
Chapter 9. Circular Functions
Chapter 10. Counting Techniques
Chapter 11. Probability
Chapter 12. Technology And The Mathematical Methods Course – TI-NspireTM CX CAS

Author: Ian Bull

Format: Book

Publisher: Five Senses Education

Publication date: 2022

Type: Book

Pages: 274