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Engaging Maths: Exploring Number

This book ‘Engaging Maths: Exploring Number’ presents a collection of 10 rich activities that address aspects of the Number and Algebra strand of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. More importantly, the activities are under pinned by the processes of mathematics described in the proficiency strands of the curriculum. Each of the activities is supported by detailed ideas for implementation, reflection,assessment, differentiation and curriculum links.

Something that sets this book apart from other teacher ‘resource’ books is that its prime purpose is to enhance the teaching of mathematics rather than focusing purely on learning. By using this book as a professional learning tool, not only will your teaching be enhanced, your students’learning and engagement will also benefit as a result. It is hoped that the structure of the book will help you, the teacher, to reflect upon your current practices and find ways of adapting the things that already happen each day in your mathematics lessons. The book includes resource lists, curriculum links, implementation ideas, reflection starters, ideas for differentiation and black line masters for students. It is suitable for Foundation to Year 6.

Author: Dr. Catherine Attard

Format: Book

Publisher: Modern Teaching Aids

Publication date: 2013

Type: Book

Pages: 67