Institutional Membership Price Calculator

Not sure how much your Institutional membership will cost this year? Use this calculator to work it out.

This membership is for my school (instutitional member, includes 1 campus).
Number of extra campuses ($174.00 per additional campus)  

Student Numbers (small schools receive a 15% discount on MAV membership).
Primary School with less than 201 students    Primary School with more than 201 students
Secondary School with less than 301 students Secondary School with more than 301 students
P-12 School with less than 401 students    P-12 School with more than 401 students

School Type (Primary schools are entitled to a further 15% discount on MAV membership).
Primary    P-12    Secondary    

We’d like extra copies of MAV’s journals each term:
($29.00 per yearly journal subscription).
Common Denominator
(MAV magazine relevant to primary and secondary)
Prime Number (primary)  
Vinculum (secondary)  

Postage (included if your school is in Victoria, extra cost if interstate or international).
Our school is in Victoria    Interstate     Outside Australia

Subscribe to the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT) journals
($30.00 per yearly journal subscription).
Australian Mathematics Education Journal  
Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom  
    Total membership fee

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