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Creating the Schools Our Children Need

Improving education in America is hard, because it doesn't have an education system...It has 13,491 of them. Dr. Dylan Wiliam is the world's foremost authority on formative assessment and has worked for years to improve the state of education in the US and abroad. Through his experience teaching in classrooms, leading schools, and directing research, Dr. Wiliam has found there is no simple solution to school improvement that works in every classroom every time-but there are district-wide measures that can improve the odds of success. In Creating the Schools Our Children Need, Dr. Wiliam breaks down the methods American schools use to improve, and the gaps between what research tells us works and what we actually do. Dr. Wiliam analyzes the three real, implementable improvements that are proven to be factors in school success: Building a curriculum focused on developing knowledge Supporting a culture where every teacher improves Applying a framework for evaluating new district initiatives Solutions to the problem of improving education for our children require each school district to make smart decisions about what will make the most difference in their district. In order to create the schools our children need, district leaders must understand why what we're doing right now really won't help much, and critically, what we can do instead.

Author: Dylan William

Format: Book

Publisher: Learning Sciences International

Publication date: 2018

Type: Book

Pages: 216