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Animals On Board

Animals on Board is perfect for teaching adding to first, second, and third graders. Ride along with trucker Jill and her dog as they add up the animals passing by on other trucks. But these are no ordinary animals, and they're bound for a surprise destination! Lively illustrations by R.W. Alley make adding truckloads of fun.

Kids will love the story and the illustrations by R.W. Alley. Parents and educators will love how the story and pictures make understanding the math concepts a breeze—as well as the concrete examples of how math works. The book contains activities for adults to do with kids to extend math into their own lives. 

Math skills are life skills, and the MathStart series supports success!

This award-winning series by Stuart J. Murphy teaches math through stories and visual models
63 books divided into three levels with 21 books in each
Fun activities kids will love are included to help parents and teachers emphasize the lessons
Engaging and relatable stories, with each story revolving around practical applications of the math concept presented
Lively art from top-notch illustrators
Charts and other visual representations help children understand how the math works and promote deeper comprehension
MathStart's unique combination of stories, illustrations, and visual models helps teachers and parents in the teaching of math and provides all children with the opportunity to succeed.

The math concepts taught in MathStart books conform to state and national standards. Level 1 is Pre-K–Kindergarten; Level 2 is Grades 1–3; Level 3 is Grades 2–4. The series follows math topics across grades so there is a foundational path to learning that runs through the levels.

Help kids with their math skills plus their reading skills with the engaging and fun MathStart series!

Author: Stuart J Murphy

Format: Book

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Publication date: 1998

Type: Picture Book

Pages: 40