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Building Numeracy Second Edition

Classroom intervention strategies to build confidence and competence

Building Numeracy has been designed to assist all teachers, at all levels, to develop expertise and confidence in diagnosing student difficulties.

This book uses evidence-based, peer-reviewed intervention strategies that help teachers to:

understand how mathematical concepts and processes are constructed and connected
overcome mathematical misconceptions and inappropriate ways of thinking
plan and implement appropriate intervention programs to build students' competence and confidence.
In addition to the numeration, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions screening tests from the first edition of Building Numeracy, this second edition also includes an early number screening interview and problem solving tests.

Building Numeracy is an Oxford Teacher Reference title. The Oxford Teacher Reference series supports educators with high-quality professional resources to help deliver the best educational outcomes in primary and secondary mathematics. Led by research and written by experts in the field, this suite of stand-alone teacher reference titles offers comprehensive support across all areas of mathematics. Oxford Teacher Reference titles are fully aligned with the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and are supported by complimentary digital resources available online through Oxford Owl.

Author: George Booker

Format: Soft cover book

Publisher: OxfordUniversity Press

Publication date: 2021

Type: Book

Pages: 206