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Mathematics Games with School Friendly Cards 2

Mathematics Games with School Friendly Cards 2: Short & Simple Warm up Games

The games in this book can be played in 10 minutes and use a single deck of School Friendly cards. The activities are based around simple rules, and may be used routinely as part of a warm up program.

Recording sheets have been provided for some games so that teachers have the opportunity to assess student learning.
Tips are provided for gaining the most from these short simple sessions.

Topics include basic number facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division along with place value. Suggestions are given for making the game a little easier or a little harder. While this book is focused on building fluency, tips are provided to help students reason about the strategies and mathematics behind the games.

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Author: Dr Paul Swan

Format: Book

Publisher: A-Z Type

Publication date: 2020

Type: Book

Pages: 48