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Dear Mathematics Educators,

Term 2 is progressing fast, and there are still a lot of opportunities to get involved.

  • Check out the Student Activities we have going on
  • Find out more about our Primary Conference keynotes below.
  • You will also in this edition find some interesting reading for next weekend whether in the links below or through our term 2 journals and magazine.


Keep an eye out for a special announcement later this week after our AGM, where Council will be appointed and the new Strategic Plan Launched! Watch this space.

Peter Saffin


The Primary Mathematics Education Conference

MAV and The University of Melbourne Melbourne Graduate School of Educationprimary conferenceThe Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) in collaboration with the Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s Mathematics Education Group (MEG) are delighted to open registrations for the 2018 primary school mathematics education conference:

2018 Theme: Critical and Creative Thinking in the Mathematics Classroom

The knowledge and skills required for Critical and Creative Thinking must be explicitly taught if students are to develop and apply the skills and learning dispositions that support logical, strategic, flexible and adventurous thinking in mathematics.

We have some fantastic Key Notes in the program. The following two keynotes are supported by our Major Sponsor

The Education State | Victoria State Government | Education and Training

Paul SwannDay 1: Dr Paul Swann

The Jabberwocky of Mathematics

For many students, mathematics can be non-sensical, much like writings of Lewis Carroll (aka Prof Charles Dodson). At times the students may not understand or make out like they understand what is going on, but in reality, it is all Jabberwocky to them. Many students experience difficulty with mathematics because they fail to understand and comprehend what they are being asked to do.

In this keynote, Dr Paul Swan will share ideas for improving the Mathematical Literacies of Mathematics. This in turn will support students to reason and think mathematically. If we are to develop critical and creative thinkers, students need to ask questions like ‘What if …?’ and explore different possibilities.

Felicity FureyDay 2: Felicity Furey

Why we need critical and creative thinking in Industry: developing skills early for STEM and engineering

To build the future we need all citizens to have critical and creative thinking skills. To achieve a high level of ability in this area for future industry we must begin early by:

  • embedding critical and creative thinking at the core of learning
  • embedding the language of STEM
  • understanding the ‘why’ of what we do not just the ‘how’
  • developing a mindset of curiosity and leadership
  • understanding it is ok to fail, it’s how you fail that counts.
Knowing why critical and creative thinking is important is the first step in developing strategies to ensure our students get thinking early in their schooling. 

Check out the program and register here.

Supporting Partners

ACEREssential Assessment

Learning SystemMangahigh Logo matific



Professional Learning Opportunities

Professional Learning Description Details

Maths Games to engage students or for Maths Games Days.

Book now

Explore engaging games and activities for hosting your own games day and in the classroom. Target: Year 7 to 10
Date: Wed 30th May
Time: 4.15 to 6pm
Venue: MAV
Presented by Helen Haralambous

Strategies for differentiation in the mathematics classroom.

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Explore a number of different approaches teachers can use to differentiate student learning. Variety is key when working with students, and as such we will dip into how you can use open ended questions, rich lessons, technology and team teaching to cater for the diverse range of abilities and learning styles within your classes. Target: Year 7 to 10
Date: Tuesday 5th June
Time: 4.15 to 6pm
Venue: MAV
Presented by Thomas Moore

Using picture story books to inspire mathematical thinking.

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The use of picture story books is a great way to engage young readers, in fact any reader! This workshop will explore how teachers can use books to capture students’ imagination and prior knowledge. A selection of picture books will be shared along with tasks that engage students to expand and extend their mathematical thinking. This is a hands-on creative session where teachers will be actively involved in discussions and the creation of number monsters.

Target: Year 7 to 10
Date: Thursday 7th June
Time: 4.00 to 5.30pm
Venue: MAV
Presented by Jen Bowden and Ellen Corovic

Making Confident Maths teacher.

Book here

This popular continues in term 2. The next session is focusing on Unlocking algebra (functions and equations) through hands-on activities to generate number patterns.

If you are an early career or first year out teacher, or just wanting to update skills in teaching the basics from year 7 to 10 please join us.

The registration page has details on further sessions in this series.

Target: Year 7 to 10
Date: Saturday 12th May
Time: 10.00 to 4pm
Venue: MAV
Presented by Dr Ian Lowe


Texas Instruments: Using TI-Nspire CX CAS calculator.

Book now

This session is aimed at teachers new to VCE Maths teaching with a particular focus on Units 1 & 2 (Year 11) General Maths and Units 1 & 2 Mathematical Methods. The workshop will include graphing for Methods and using finance solver and matrices functions for General Maths. The workshop is also relevant to year 10 teachers. Teachers are required to bring a TI Nspire calculator to the workshop as the workshop will have a hands-on focus. There will be time for assistance with specific questions.

Target: Year 10 to VCE
Date: Tuesday 19th June 2018
Time: 4.00 to 5.30pm
Venue: MAV
Presented by David Tynan


Girls in STEM photoStudent Activities

We recently sent you a Student Activities newsletter. Click here for information about:

  • Games Days
  • VCE revision lectures
  • Maths Talent Quest
  • Girls in STEM days
  • DET funded Industry Based Maths Camp

2018 MAV Membership; 'Never too late'

MembershipIf you have not renewed you or your schools are no longer eligible for membership benefits such as discounts on purchases or events, nor will you receive your copies of the quarterly journal and magazine.

You can still get on board and have your membership re-activated, just renew your membership now!

Contact Michael Green, Membership Officer to renew, or request an invoice: mgreen@mav.vic.edu.au.

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If you are thinking of joining MAV, the time is right! We need schools, and individuals to sign up now at our membership page. For more information contact Michael Green mgreen@mav.vic.edu.au.


journalsTerm 2 Common Denomination and Journals

Our latest edition of Common Denominator is now available. You can read it online here.

PDF copies of Vinculum and Prime Number can be accessed by members after logging into the member area of the website.

We ask that Heads of departments and Maths/Numeracy Coordinators let their staff know that they do not have to wait for the hard copy to circulate in their school before catching the latest news and articles. Please make sure your staff lists are up to date in our data base so that your staff can get access. Any issues with logging in or to update your staff list for school memberships contact mgreen@mav.vic.edu.au.


Professional Reading

  • Springer have just released their latest issue of the online journal ZDM: Mathematics Education. It has as its theme Empirical research on the teaching and learning of mathematical modeling. Educators will find it a rich source of commentary and ideas to consider. Find out more here.
  • Meet our youngest Royal...Fellow that is. Geordie Williamson, maths genius. The AGE.
  • This article provides evidence-based insights relevant to the need to reinstate mathematics prerequisites, so that students don’t fail at university! Read it here.
  • Australia must overhaul 'industrial' school model, says Gonski-chaired review. The Guardian.

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National Mathematics Summer School

Year 11 students are welcome to apply to attend the NMSS, a two-week summer school held on the 6th-19th January 2018 in Canberra. Application forms have been mailed out to schools with the last MAV mailout but can also been downloaded here.

Applications close on 27th July 2018 and the MAV Test for NMSS will be held on 3 August 2018 at the applicant’s school.


Other Important News

Free membership:

Don’t forget MAV now offers Free Pre-service teacher/student memberships. Find out more here.

ATSIMAATSIMA Conference 2018; Starting the Revolution.

Date: Tuesday 10th - Friday 13th July 2018
Location: RMIT University Building 80, Swanston Street, Melbourne

The theme of ATSIMA 2018 is Starting the Revolution. The revolution was coined by the delegates at the ATSIMA 2016 conference which acknowledged the need for a paradigm shift in mathematics education to make a difference for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners.

ATSIMA 2018 will create this paradigm shift by exploring the development of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mathematics curriculum. We will hear from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander speakers about their Knowledges and their connections to mathematics. The conference delegates will then have an opportunity to talk through these ideas and start the development of a mathematics curriculum that values our Knowledges. This work has the potential to influence curriculum authorities at the state and national levels.

ATSIMA 2018 is also an opportunity for delegates to showcase their work in mathematics education and, more broadly, in STEM education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaners. Delegates will hear from a range of speakers across several education levels and sectors.

For more information about the conference, go to https://atsimanational.ning.com/conf2018

To submit an abstract to present, go to:https://atsimanational.ning.com/submissions2018

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Primary MathematicsPrimary Mathematics
Capitalising on ICT for today and tomorrow

What about a great Clearance Special – Original member price: $45.50 - now 50% off

Primary Mathematics provides a comprehensive introduction to teaching and learning mathematics in today's classrooms. Drawing links to the Australian Curriculum, this book covers the core learning areas of measurement, space and geometry, early number concepts, data and statistics, chance and probability, and patterns and algebra.

This book explores the ways in which technology can be integrated into the mathematics classroom. The book also explores issues around student diversity, assessment 'for', 'of' and 'as' learning, and teaching in rural and remote areas.

Member Price: $22.75
Non-Member Price: $28.44

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MAV 2018 Trial Examinations

PRE-ORDER the MAV 2018 Trial Examinations (online resource) for availability in term 3

Prepare effectively for VCE Mathematics Examinations with the MAV Trial exams for Mathematical Methods, Further Mathematics and Specialist Mathematics studies.

Each Trial Exam features:  Original questions, highly relevant to the current course, fully worked solutions for all sections and clear marking schemes. Exam formats are similar to those used by the VCAA.  Permission for the purchasing institution to reproduce copies for its students.

All studies:
Member Price: $476.43
Non-Member Price: $595.54

Individual studies:
Member Price: $206.55
Non-Member Price: $258.19

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Overcoming Difficulties with NumberOvercoming Difficulties with Number: Supporting Dyscalculia and Students who Struggle with Maths (With CD-ROM)  Year Level: 5-VCAL

In writing this practical book, Ronit Bird has drawn on her teaching and training experience to create teaching plans for key numeracy topics, aimed at those working with students aged 9-16.

She provides detailed strategies for teaching numeracy skills through a progression of practical activities and visualisation techniques which build the self-esteem of students who need extra help and give them a basic foundation in number.

A bank of accompanying resources, games, activities and Su-Doku puzzles is available on the CD included with this book. 

Member Price: $58.30
Non-Member Price: $72.88

Click to order.


pentomino packPentomino Pack – Hands on Games and Activities

Teach number, transformation, symmetry, logic, maths terminology, area, perimeter and even spelling with this incredibly versatile pack. A set of 12 transparent pentominoes crafted to fit over two double-sided write-on-wipe-off game boards. Build skills and confidence with a range of engaging games, puzzles and activities for ages 8-13 (Year Level: 2 – 8).

Member Price: $68.55
Non-Member Price: $85.69

Click to order.

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