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Dear Mathematics Educators,

Hmm 3.14159...Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159.

I am pretty sure I did not need to tell you all that! But I hope that you will do something in your school for Pi day. Check out the Pi day website for ideas.

Maybe pull out one of your old trusty Pi activities and give it a go!

Our Professional Learning is ramping up, with VCE in full swing. Don’t forget to register, especially for those upcoming regional VCE events just launched.

See below.

Peter Saffin


Professional Learning Update Term 1 and 2

VCE Professional Learning

We have completed many of the VCE events, but a number of dates are still open bookings, including regional events including:


Let's Get Started! Using games to promote fluency and reasoning

For teachers of Foundation to Year 6.

Teachers will be elbow deep in dice and cards during this workshop. The session will focus on developing mathematical fluency and reasoning in students through the use of hands-on and engaging card and dice games. Teachers will be armed with a range of activities and we will explore how to easily differentiate for a range of student learning needs.Presenters:

Ellen Corovic and Jen Bowden

Starts at 4.00pm on Thursday 3rd May 2018, at MAV in Brunswick. 



D Siemen‘Incorporating the proficiencies’ 

This event is aimed at teachers from Foundation to Year 9 

In this workshop Di Siemon will explore a planning tool to help you embed the most up to date approaches to learning in your classroom. You will learn how to incorporate the proficiencies, provide multiple opportunities to revisit key ideas and strategies for targeted teaching. Inquiry-based approaches to the teaching and learning of mathematics will be explored, while ensuring an unrelenting focus on the big ideas that make a difference.

15th May: St Francis Xavier Primary School, Montmorency (North East)

22nd May: Mackellar Primary School, Delahey (North West)


  Making Confident Maths teachers

This popular continues in term 2. The next session is 12th May, focusing on How to build understanding and skills in the practical topics of ratio, scale, proportion and percentage.

If you are early career, first year out or just wanting to update skills in teaching the basics from year 7 to 10 please join us. The registration page has details on further sessions in this series. 



MTQ imageMaths Talent Quest - free workshops

To help your school get started with the Maths Talent Quest we have one more free workshop on Monday 26th March to help you implement this amazing program.

Click here for more information.


2018 MAV Membership is going strong!

We hope you've enjoyed the benefits of your MAV membership over the past year and that you received value from the resources and services provided.

It’s been just a couple of months since the start of your new membership cycle and if you have not renewed your MAV membership is now overdue. In appreciation of your support, you should have received the term 1 journals and you will continue to have access to your online membership benefits until the end of March.

Renew now to take full advantage of the benefits and services available to you.

How can I renew now?

Contact Michael Green, Membership Officer to renew, or request an invoice - mgreen@mav.vic.edu.au.

Renew your membership online: http://registration.mav.vic.edu.au/Reg/login.phpMembership

Have any questions? We’re here for you. Just give us a call on 03 9380 2399 or email Michael Green.

Join now

If you are thinking of joining MAV, the time is right to receive a full year of benefits! We need schools, and individuals to sign up now at our membership page. For more information contact Michael Green mgreen@mav.vic.edu.au.

Don’t forget about our new free student teacher memberships, find out more here.


Professional Reading

Reducing maths Anxiety, Eddie WOO

How We Can ‘Robot-Proof’ Education to Better Adapt to Automation

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Other important links

ReSolve Newsletter

Find the latest information about reSolve here. Many resources are now available for your use in the classroom.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mathematics Alliance

ATSIMA CONFERENCE 2018: Starting the RevolutionTuesday 10th – Friday 13th JULY 2018, La Trobe University, Melbourne.

Click here to find out more about this event.


F–10 Mathematics – the VCAA has reviewed a range of (commercial) third-party digital resources that schools may choose to use ... more

DET and Wolfram

The Department of Education and Training (DET) provides free access to a suite of Wolfram software for Victorian teachers and students, including Wolfram Alpha Pro. Wolfram Alpha is a free powerful and flexible on-line computational application that can be used to support teaching and learning in school mathematics and across other areas of the curriculum.

Wolfram Alpha Pro includes additional functionality such as step-by-step working and a problem generator.

DET has developed, and will progressively develop,  a range of supporting resources which can be accessed from FUSE, using the search term ‘Wolfram Alpha’.

Mathematics Education Group Research Seminar Series 2018

You are invited to the Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s first seminar in their 2018 series. Em Prof Phil Clarkson, who is one of the Research Fellows at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, will be delivering a public lecture, entitled 'Mathematical values: What?'.
Date: 20 Mar (Tue)
Time: 12pm - 1pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre Q227, 2nd floor, 234 Queensberry St, Parkville
Registration and more information is available here.

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Dan FinkelMAV17 Conference Presentations

Videos of Dan Finkel’s keynotes and workshops are now available from the MAV17 conference page.

Click here to access information from sessions you may have attended. 



New releases! Make sure you have the latest and greatest resources to support your teaching and professional development. 



MAV solutions to VCAA examsVCE 2017 Exam solutions out now!

Ensure students prepare effectively for VCE Mathematics Examinations with the MAV solutions to the 2017 VCAA Examinations 1 & 2 for Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Each solution set features: fully worked solutions for all sections, advice on solution processes, including marking allocation and permission for the purchasing institution to reproduce copies for its students.

Member price: All studies: $120, Single studies $51

Click here to get your copy today. 



New Maths Badges!

We have 5 new maths badges available from the MAVshop badges page.

Check them out, they are great! Also available is the Pi badge shown in the introduction to the newsletter.

Marvellous MathematiciansMaths multiplies my opportunitiesMathematicians arentt meanMaths the only subject that countsI do maths. What's your super power?

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