Investigating Melbourne

Investigating Melbourne: Maths and science learning activities

studentsThe City of Melbourne have produced a great resource for secondary school teachers. This kit includes exercises exploring aspects of our city through maths and science. The selected activities cover  a breadth of city landscapes - from Docklands to the Fitzroy Gardens - all easily accessible by  public transport. Many contributions have been modified to cover inquiry-based  learning, designed to nurture student centred learning and engagement. Answers are not  always provided where open discussion is encouraged. The types of questions vary, providing  scope for multiple intelligences. Students with a preference for visual expression or  interpersonal group work can be challenged along with logical sequential learners. The kit is a  smorgasbord of learning possibilities for adaptation to the needs of any classroom.

Investigating Melbourne is a partnership between the City of Melbourne and a range of institutions and professional associations, including the Mathematical Association of Victoria and Museum Victoria. An electronic version of the complete kit is provided here for our members with the kind permission of the City of Melbourne.

  Foreword (1071kb)

  Part one (1084kb)

  Part two (215kb)

  Part three (85kb)

  Part four and five (338kb)

  Part six (1783kb)

  Part seven (248kb)


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